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Gold Saints' Childhood Chapter 6
It was early morning and the sky was still dark. However, the birds were already up and chirping away. A few birds flew away as soon as a young boy approached them. The boy didn't chase them as he looked up and then back at his uncle. The man smiled as he continued walking.
"Uncle, how far are we from the Sanctuary?" the boy asked as he ran back to his uncle.
"Two more days until we reached there. Hopefully, we will reach an inn before the end of today, take a rest, continued walking tomorrow and reached the Sanctuary," the man answered.
"Alright! I can't wait to see the Sanctuary."
Regulus meant every word of it. He remembered that a few days ago, he was guarding his father's grave and cloth like he always was every day. However, on that day, a person came asking about his father's cloth, he thought he was a thief. To his surprise, the man was his uncle who came looking for him and also the Leo's cloth. He was so relieved that he started to cry in joy and happiness. He remembered how
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Leo Illias: User Guide and Manual
Illias: User Guide and Manual
Thank you for purchasing our Illias unit. Please read the manual carefully. There is also a special sale going on. If you buy our Illias unit, you would also get the Regulus unit for 75% off.
Basic Information:
Name: Illias
Age: Old enough to be a father, that is all you need to know.
Gender: Male
Manufacture: In Athens, Greece
Your Illias unit comes with:
- A Leo gold cloth
- A Leo gold cloth Pandora box
- A huge worn cape
- Old worn clothes that would complete your unit's look by making him look like a hobo
- A hair cutting kit
How to activate your Illias unit:
There are two ways to activate your Illias mode. The first way is to simply greet the Illias unit with a "Hello, Leo Illias. My name is ( your name). The second way is to attack the Regulus unit but warning that would make the Illias unit very angry.
About Illias:
Illias is the Leo saint before Regulus and Regulus' father. He was known to be the strongest saint in his generation and was also very
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Regulus carrying Connor by Purestrongpoem Regulus carrying Connor :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 3 2 Doodles by Purestrongpoem Doodles :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 1 2 Chibi Ariadne by Purestrongpoem Chibi Ariadne :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 1 2 Violate And Regulus' sweaters by Purestrongpoem Violate And Regulus' sweaters :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 3 2
Rate My Professor Saint Seiya Lost Canvas Style 1
Chapter 1
"And that is why this flower bracelet is important to the protagonist to the story. Do you understand?" a man with long green hair and glasses asked.
Unfortunately, his students didn't answer his question because some of them were already packing up, eager to get out of his class.
"Why are you in a rush?" he asked, glaring at the students who were ready to leave.
"Professor, the class is done."
The English professor glanced at his watch and realized class was over a minute ago. He had forgotten about it.
"Right, well, so your assignment is to write an essay about the symbolism of the flower bracelet in the story and it is due next week."
The students groaned while most students quickly ran out of class whether because they were late for another class or just eager to get out. The professor quickly organized his papers and put them into his bag. He was not in a rush but he had a meeting in thirty minutes and he liked to be there early. The headmaster had requested a meeting wi
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Poop by Purestrongpoem Poop :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 1 4
Gold Saints' Childhood Chapter 5
Chapter 5
"No for the hundredth time."
"But, but, why not? Why can't I accompany you on the mission?" The younger boy shouted at his mentor, angrily. He was determined to come with his master on the mission.
"Because you are only a trainee and not a saint yet. Why do you want to come so badly?" the older person asked. He was getting tired of his student's stubborn attitude.
"To get stronger!"
"You can get stronger if you train more."
"However, I won't gain any experience. If I come with you on the mission, then I would be able to help you and become even stronger."
"Tenma, I can't let you come. It is the Pope's orders that I would investigate this by myself. Besides, I won't be away for long since the place is near the Sanctuary."
Tenma pouted and crossed his arms. "I don't see the harm of letting me come."
"Oh, but disobeying the Pope is a serious offence." Dohko then laughed and ruffled Tenma's hair. "Don't be so impatient. You will be on a mission soon enough."
Tenma poute
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Babbu by Purestrongpoem Babbu :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 4 8 Ernest by Purestrongpoem Ernest :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 5 6 The Protectors (Being wacky) by Purestrongpoem The Protectors (Being wacky) :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 6 13 Hiccup cosplay 2 by Purestrongpoem Hiccup cosplay 2 :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 1 0 Hiccup cosplay 1 by Purestrongpoem Hiccup cosplay 1 :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 2 0 Pokemon Lost Canvas-Manigoldo by Purestrongpoem Pokemon Lost Canvas-Manigoldo :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 3 0 Pokemon Lost Canvas-Degel by Purestrongpoem Pokemon Lost Canvas-Degel :iconpurestrongpoem:Purestrongpoem 2 0


Saori by ItzShotty Saori :iconitzshotty:ItzShotty 10 1 Manga Creator: Vampire Hunter page.10 by Rinmaru Manga Creator: Vampire Hunter page.10 :iconrinmaru:Rinmaru 262 13 Judges of the Underworld - b by ItzShotty Judges of the Underworld - b :iconitzshotty:ItzShotty 13 8 Harpy Valentine b by ItzShotty Harpy Valentine b :iconitzshotty:ItzShotty 12 1 England Rhadamanthys by ItzShotty England Rhadamanthys :iconitzshotty:ItzShotty 12 1 Artemis (Artemisa by KymBicho Artemis (Artemisa :iconkymbicho:KymBicho 18 10 Daily Paint 1793# Atumnlotl by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1793# Atumnlotl :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 11,281 415 Happy Birthday Amy - Heracles Violate by MegaWallflower Happy Birthday Amy - Heracles Violate :iconmegawallflower:MegaWallflower 3 1 Happy Birthday Amy - Eirini by MegaWallflower Happy Birthday Amy - Eirini :iconmegawallflower:MegaWallflower 4 4 Happy Birthday Amy - Regulus and Violate by MegaWallflower Happy Birthday Amy - Regulus and Violate :iconmegawallflower:MegaWallflower 4 1 Happy Birthday Amy - chibi Reg by MegaWallflower Happy Birthday Amy - chibi Reg :iconmegawallflower:MegaWallflower 5 2 Happy Birthday Amy - clothesswap Connor and Hinata by MegaWallflower Happy Birthday Amy - clothesswap Connor and Hinata :iconmegawallflower:MegaWallflower 2 1 Hinata by virsachi Hinata :iconvirsachi:virsachi 3 3 Leo Regulus by miki-dia2199 Leo Regulus :iconmiki-dia2199:miki-dia2199 2 1 Book of Mark : The Synagogue Ruler Jairus by Poporetto Book of Mark : The Synagogue Ruler Jairus :iconpoporetto:Poporetto 18 2 Arkhes by KymBicho Arkhes :iconkymbicho:KymBicho 14 5



So I saw this meme on deviantart and thought it would be fun to do:

0) Open

1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"

2) Switch to "1"

3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it

4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around 5) Post these rules

1. This is you (I have a feeling that my friends would be like yeah this is totally you!)

2. This is your rival (So now the first thing that comes to my mind is Regulus is the naive spheal while Violate is the lonely sudowoodo (too bad the types are too different), I thought this is about me, lol)

3. This Pokemon is deeply in love with You (Ok....)

4. This Pokemon is stalking you (Well, he must be very rash for me to notice that he is stalking me....)

5. This Pokemon just stole your cake (Don’t steal my cake and sass me about it!)

6. This is your Sibling (Yay!)

7. This is your best friend (I can already imagine Kindra, my friend is acting like my mom cause she is constantly worry about me)

8. This Pokemon is about to fight you (Well, that must be one really relaxed fight)

9. This Pokemon will do anything to get your shoes (Leave me alone! T.T)

10. This Pokemon is currently hiding in your house. (Why are you hiding in my house? Go away!!!)

11. This Pokemon is your pet. (Sounds like my ideal and also not my ideal pet...)

12. This is your new roommate. (Cool!)

13. This is your new boss. (I like my boss. :))

14. This Pokemon likes to watch you sleep at night. (At least it is docile but still....the fact that it is a duskull watching me sleep...)

15. This Pokemon is scared of you. (Why are you scared of me???)

16. This Pokemon is about to perform surgery on you. (Why do I not fell relax about this?...)

17. You have to babysit this Pokemon all night. (Yay!)

18. This Pokemon loves sleeping on your head. (Please get off of my head... well at least she is careful so I don’t have to worry....)

19. This Pokemon envies you. (I assume you are envious that I am cuter than you???)

20. Use this Pokemon to tag some people.

Tagging::iconvirsachi:, :iconaioros-sama:, :iconkaymaro: (others I already tagged on tumblr so I didn't tag you again on deviantart) and anybody else who wants to do it.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi, I am Purestrongpoem. I have many story ideas for Naruto, Lord of the Rings, Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas, and Darren Shan Cirque du Freak. I hope I can use all of my ideas and write the stories. Unfortunately, I am a very slow writer. I am also terrible at writing. Please don't be too harsh on me or my stories. I also cosplay and draw. Here are some facts about me:

Age: 400 years old

Where I live: In Lalala Land.

Zodiac: Libra

Myer Briggs Personality: INFP

I am Vietnamese.

I am also in:… and danceofthebloodypetals.tumblr.… and…

The rest: Figure it out yourself or use your imagination. Hahaha.

Here are some random icons and stamps:

Hinata Stamp by kathynorrisart
Hobbit stamp by purgatori Samwise the Brave stamp by pistachioZombie Stamp Eowyn by Dulbella
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Gif Icon by VampireEliza SAGITTARIUS by vaanolion VIRGO by vaanolion PISCES by vaanolion LEO by vaanolion LIBRA by vaanolion


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