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Taurus Aldebaran: User Guide and Manual

Thank you for purchasing our Aldebaran unit. Please read the manual carefully.

Basic Information:

Name: Aldebaran

Age: 28 years old

Gender: Male

Manufacture: In Athens, Greece

Your Aldebaran unit comes with:

- A Taurus gold cloth

- Training clothes

- A baking kit

- A pink apron with a picture of a golden bull

- A fancy wine bottle

How to activate your Aldebaran unit:

You can wake up your unit by respectfully asking him, "Hello, Taurus Aldebaran. I am (your name)." Another way is to rudely wake him up by shouting, "HASGARD, WAKE UP!" and then making a lot of noises. However, please be warn, he will be activate in a grumpy mood and will lecture you for at least an hour about being rude and calling him Hasgard instead of Aldebaran.

About Aldebaran:

Aldebaran is the Taurus gold saint who guards the second temple. He is known as the biggest, fastest and strongest (in strength) saint. His real name is Hasgard but he had abandoned that name and preferred to be called Aldebaran. Before becoming the Taurus gold saint, he had trained under Leo Illias along with Aspros and Sisyphus. Before the Holy War started, he was assigned a mission to go defeat Enceladus. He encountered Cor Tauri, Celintha and a few orphans. After solving some misunderstanding, he allied with Cor Tauri and they both defeated Enceladus at the cost of Cor Tauri's life. He was amazed by Cor Tauri's willingness to protect the children and changed his name from Hasgard to Aldebaran, abandoning his old self in order to become a powerful saint that protects the innocent. A while afterward, he was sent on another mission to ask Leo Illias to come back to the Sanctuary. Unfortunately, Leo Illias was killed Wyvern Rhdamanthys. While Aldebaran was fighting Valentine, he lose sight of Regulus, Illias's son. He felt guilty for not being able to find Regulus.During the Holy War, he taught and trained Celintha, Teneo and Salo. As a gold saint, he was expected to patrol the Sanctuary and found an angry Bennu Kagaho looking for Libra Dohko. Aldebaran was upset at Kagaho's lack of manners and they had a fight. With the help of his students' encouragement, he defeated Kagaho and let him go. Unfortunately, Aldebaran didn't have any time to let his injuries rest when Hades attacked the Sanctuary. Even though he went to protect Athena, he couldn't do anything except watched his friend, Sisyphus got critically injured from his own arrow. He was able to fight against Behemotte Violate so Tenma can get to his friend. After the Hades' departure, he trained Tenma to test his skills. However, the fight was stopped by Dullahan Cube's interference by making everyone asleep. Fortunately, Aldebaran caught on and destroyed his eardrums. He attacked Dullahan Cube but only to have Bat Wimber attacked him in his blind spot. The two continued to attack him relentlessly, opening up all his wounds. In the end, Aldebarana defeated them both despite having his heart stopped by Dullahan Cube's "Death Messenger". Although Aldebaran died, he was still standing. Kagaho came back to thank him and laid his body down to rest (and also stopped that annoying Frog specter from kicking Aldebaran's body). He came back later to assist Dohko and Shion defeated Hades in spiritual form.


- Great Horn

- Titan's Nova

- Titan's Break

- Super strength

- Super Speed



Your unit is usually cheerful, smiling, laughing and telling jokes. In fact, his cheerfulness can be contagious and if you are ever down, he can cheer you up.

Role Model:

He is a great role model for anyone especially children. He is great around them and would act either like a teacher, parent or brother depending on the situation. He can be strict and caring at the same time. Overall, he is a great unit around children or if you want an older brother.


This unit is big on respect. Respect yourself, your friends and even your enemy is important. If you are not being respectful, be prepared for a huge lecture on respect. Just be sure not to fall asleep during his lectures although I don't know how you can...


Your unit can clean himself.


Your unit is fine with any food. He prefers Italian and Greek food. He also enjoy sweets although he enjoy baking them more than eating them.

Compatible with:

Sasha/Athena: She is your unit's goddess, respects and is loyal to her. He sees her as his goddess but also as a little sister. The Sasha unit is also fond of his sweets.

Teneo: This unit is one of your unit's best students. He greatly admires your unit and trains his best to be as strong as him.

Celintha: She is one of your unit's student and also greatly admires your unit.

Salo: He is your unit's youngest student. He likes to be carried on your unit's shoulders despite Celintha and Teneo telling not to ask.

Pegasus Tenma: Even though this unit is not his student, he treats him like one of his students. He always take the time to lecture and teach the Tenma unit if he needs any help.

Libra Dohko: He is one of your unit's close friends. They like to go out for drinks a lot so he will often come home drunk if he was out with the Dohko unit.

Cor Tauri: He is another of your unit's friend. He is well respected by your unit and is like a role model to him.

Sagittarius Sisyphus: He is your unit's best friend. They like to hang out together often and talk.

Leo Illias: He used to be one of your unit's master. Your unit greatly respects this unit but is sometimes a little frustrated trying to understand his master. He prefers that his master would be more straightforward. He can also be impatient with this unit even though he try not to be.

Leo Regulus: He is your unit's friend. They met when he was little and ever since, he had felt guilty for losing him during his battle with Valentine and never being able to find him despite Regulus telling him that it isn't his fault. When they met in the Sanctuary, Regulus would often visit him to either train, talk or eat his cookies. Your unit is like an older brother to the Regulus' unit.

Gemini Aspros in Gemini mode: He is your unit's friends and you will usually see your unit hanging out with the Aspros unit and the Sisyphus unit together.


Pope Sage: Your unit listens, respects and obeys this unit.

Virgo Asmita: Even though they are comrades, he has little trust in Asmita and will act suspicious toward this unit. However, he will continue to treat Asmita with respect like he treats everyone. As Asmita stated before, Aldebaran can be judgemental so that is why he doesn't trust any Asmita's unit due to Asmita's mysterious nature and lack of involvement in the Holy War.

Other Saints: They are his comrades and fight on the same side. Your unit is friendly with the other units and they enjoy talking or hanging around your unit.


Hades: He is your unit's enemy and will try to defeat him.

Kagaho: Although they are enemies, both of them respect each other. When they see each other, they will either have a fight or Aldebaran would be too busy giving him lectures about respect and manners.

Behemoth Violate: She is another enemy and if she notices your unit, she will try to fight or even have a simple arm wrestle to see who is stronger. This may cause a broken table or even more broken things.

Bat Wimber: He is your unit's enemy and will try to defeat him. However, be warned, if they do meet, you will have your Aldebaran unit destroying his eardrums. So it is best to avoid this unit.

Dullahan Cube: He is also your unit's enemy and will try to defeat him. It is also best to avoid this unit in case he might try to destroy your unit's circuits or batteries.

Enceladus: He is one of Aldebaran's enemies and will try to defeat him.

Gemini Aspros in traitor mode: They used to close friends before the Holy War. However, after Aspros' betrayal, they are now enemies. Aldebaran had always wonder why Aspros decided to betray the saints and if he could have done something to prevent that from happening.


Q: Can my unit teach me how to bake? Maybe he can let me bake with him?

A: Of course! He would teach you how to bake and will also let you bake with him.

Q: My son is in his rebellious phase. Do you think my unit can be successful in teaching my son on respect?

A: Of course, he can! There will be a lot of lectures. (And besides, if lectures don't work, I am sure Aldebaran's huge size would intimate him to know what respect is)

Q: Why is there 10 Regulus units at my house? I don't remember ordering them!

A: Seems like Aldebaran's sweets are attracting them. Oh well, what is the harm in letting all these cute Regulus units in your house? They will leave soon after they are done eating. Or you can trap all of them and keep them but I am sure their owners won't be happy about that.

Q: I know my unit love to hug people, but I am afraid. Would I be accidentally crushed by his hug? I don't want to be suffocated.

A: Don't worry. Aldebaran is well aware of his strength and size so he is careful most of the times. But when he is extremely excited, he might forget his strength but that rarely happen.

Q: Does he sparkle?

A: He is not Alex Armstrong and he is definitely not a vampire from Twilight. (Although if he did, he would be more fabulous than those "vampires")

You can now enjoy your Aldebaran unit as long as you follow the instructions. Your unit have a lifelong guarantee. We hope you can enjoy your unit.
Taurus Aldebaran User Guide and Manual
Thank you for buying our saints, deities or specters units. Please read the manual to understand more about your unit. I don't own any Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas' characters. In case you don't know yet, Alex Armstrong is from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. And when I mean batteries or circuits, I mean his heart. I do not own the picture but I found it here:… This was requested by anime441 from fanfiction.

Other manuals:…
Chapter 3

Aiacos sighed and held his head in dismay.

"Why?...What possess you to say that?" he asked.

"Well, I don't know. I was panicking and it was in the moment," Minos answered back.

Aiacos sighed again. "Ok, why me?"

"Because we are best buddies!"


"So any ideas, any ideas?"

"How would I know? You didn't even give me time to think! And you should think too! You were the one who brought yourself into this situation."

Minos crossed his arms and made a thinking face. After a few minutes, he shouted, "I got it!"

"You did?"

"Yeah. I was thinking that how about we tell Rhadamanthys that Pandora has ordered him to meet her and take her out on a date but at the same time, don't mention that he was doing this because Pandora order him. It is a perfect plan!"

"Are you an idiot? That plan won't even work because he would know that you set him up and it wasn't Pandora's order.

"Well, why don't you think of a better plan then?"

"...A good plan require a lot more thinking than you think."

Aiacos sighed and sat down. He ordered one of his servants to come.

"Tea for both of us."

"Actually, I will have wine."

"You are not getting drunk. Tea for you."


The servants gave them their tea. Aiacos took a sip of it and continued to think.


Rhadamanthys walked out of his room. This was usually the time he would go train but he decided not to. It was because he couldn't help but feel like someone was watching him. It was nerve wracking. He had to keep turning back to see who was following him but didn't see anyone. Maybe it was just him being paranoid. He sighed. He wasn't getting anything done. A specter walked up to him with a huge pile of documents. Rhadamanthys stared at the documents with a defeated look. He thought he finished all his work but apparently there were more. He thanked him, sat down and looked at the amount of work he had to do. However, just then, he felt someone was by his door and quickly glanced up. He saw nobody and sighed. He was definitely getting paranoid. Then he proceeded to finish his work, not noticing the Alraune specter watching him from behind his door.


"Are you done thinking?"

"NO! You have been asking me the same question at least 10 times in the last hour! How can I think if I am being constantly asked the same question?"

"But we need to think of a plan before Pandora get impatient and starting thinking of different ways to kill me."

"If you don't leave me alone, I am going to start thinking of ways to torture and kill you."

That was when Minos decided it was best to leave the room, leaving Aiacos alone to think. He frowned as he kept walking. He didn't know how long Aiacos would take to think of a plan. He couldn't wait. Luckily, he had a plan that might work.


"So...can you help me, Lord Hades?" Minos asked.

He had just finished explaining the whole situation he was in. He hoped that the story would interested and motivated Hades in helping him.

Hades looked up from his painting. "And can you explain to me why I would be interest in helping you get Pandora and Rhadamanthys together?"

"Uh...well first, if you do, you would still have three judges instead of two."

"I don't think Pandora would kill you even if you failed. Punished you, yes, but not kill you."

" will have a lot of juicy details for your fanfics."

Hades stiffened as he heard what Minos said.

"I know about your stories and no, I don't read romantic stories. They are boring. I like torture stories better...wait, where was I going with this...right, I came across a few documents on your table and got curious. Although I am a little confused with your story, there are pictures and words. The people in the picture are saying words...kind of like a picture novel...if that make any sense.

"It was my idea," Hades said, smiling. "I think it is original, I loved to draw but want to create a story with my drawings. So I made manga."


"I thought long and hard for a name for picture novel. I didn't want to call it a picture novel."

"Why manga? It sound like mango but with the a sound at the end instead."

"That doesn't matter! What matters is what were you doing in my room?"

Minos froze. He forgot about that part. When Hades first ruled here, he told everyone to never go in his room without his permission.

"Uh...I got lost and somehow stumbled into your room without knowing..." Minos said, hoping his excuse would work. "And did I say I love your manga? I love reading them so much. Your manga is awesome."

"You said you were never interest in love stories, only torture stories."

Minos laughed nervously. "I am sure you heard me wrong. I am interest in both..."

Hades looked at him, unconvinced.

"Besides, I remember from one of your stories, you had Pandora and Rhadamanthys kissing each other. So that means you are aware of their attractions toward each other and ..."

"Everyone is aware."

"Right...and I am sure you would love to help them get together and when they do, details for your story," he said.

Hades shrugged. "Alright, I will help you."

Minos was shock. "Wait, what? Really?"


Minos stood there, still shocked by how easy it was to persuade Hades to help him.

"Oh, I have a plan already. Go and call Pandora and Rhadamanthys to meet me at my throne. Oh and call Aiacos too, we would need his help as well."

Minos nodded eagerly and ran out to go call the others starting with Pandora.


"Ok, let me get this straight. You decided to tell Hades about your situation and he wanted to help?"


"But how did you know he was going to help us."

"I read his "manga"."


"That was what he called the picture novels he wrote. One of them had Pandora and Rhadamanthys kissing."


"Oh and there was another manga that had you and Violate mwah," Minos said as he made a kissing face and kissing noises.

Aiacos blushed a bright red colour before chasing a laughing Minos down the hall.


Pandora glanced over to her right and saw Rhadamanthys beside her. She frowned as she remembered Minos telling her that Hades needed her. She came as fast as possible but didn't expect Rhadamanthys to be there too. While Pandora was deep in thought about why Hades called them, Rhadamanathys glanced over at Minos. Minos was way too happy for his liking. He knew Minos was up to something but he didn't know what. He hoped it had nothing to do the fact that he had a fan club. He wondered if Minos was still upset over that. Hades walked in breaking both of their thought processes. Both bowed down as Hades sat down.

"I had called both of you for a very important mission."

The two waited for Hades to continue. Whatever the mission is, it must be very important and difficult to call both Pandora and a judge to fulfill it.

"There had been aliens attacking and invading parts of the underworld."


Everyone's mouth fell down wide open. Was their god joking or being serious? They looked at Hades who kept a straight face.

"Aliens, Lord Hades?" Pandora said as she found her voice again.

"Yes, these aliens are allies of Athena. It is your job to protect the underworld from it."

Everyone was silent, not knowing what to say or what had gotten into their god's mind. Their faces were in pure confusion and shock. It was rather comical and Hades bit his tongue to stop himself from laughing.

"Well, both of you are dismissed! Do not return until you had gotten rid of all the aliens in the underworld!"

Pandora and Rhadamanthys bowed down again and walked out of the room with a confused face. The whole day was very strange. Hades watched the two leave and called out to the confused Minos and Aiacos.

"I want you to gather some of the other specters to help you with your next mission."

"And that is..." Aiacos asked, cautiously.

"Disguised yourself as aliens and attack them."


They didn't know how to react.

"In stories, two characters would get close together during a journey. Plus it would make a great manga," Hades whispered to himself.

"Did you say something, Lord Hades?" Minos asked.

"No, nothing. Don't worry, I will tell you what to do step by step. You must follow what exactly I say."


The two judges didn't know what to react. They only assumed that being alone in a room and painting the Lost Canvas for a long time had made their god a little crazy. Hades walked out leaving the two shock judges behind.

"Now, I need to find Balron Lune," he muttered to himself.


"Is that true?" Gordon asked Queen again.

Queen nodded. "Lord Hades is helping Minos to get Pandora and Rhadamanthys get having a few specters disguised as aliens..."

"What does aliens have anything to do with romance?"

Queen shrugged. He thought it was strange and didn't make sense but who was he to argue with Hades' logic.

"Well, this can be a good thing since we have more support. We have the support of Lord Hades!...Although it could be a bad thing since he might mess this up for us...I don't think he knows what he is doing," Queen said.

"It seems we have no choice but to be the specters disguise as aliens. We will absolutely make sure they will get together! We will show the other team what true love is!" Gordon shouted.

The specters behind them cheered loudly as they will filled with determination from Gordon's speech.


"What?" Valentine shouted in anger.

"Even Lord Hades support the idea of Pandora and Rhadamanthys together! Why?" Sylphid asked.

The specter before them shivered in fear.

"I don't know. I just report back what I heard."

"Well, what should we do? We can't go against Hades' wishes," Valentine said.

"Who cares! We can't let this happen," Sylphid said.

"Well, I don't think we have to do anything...I highly doubt Hades' idea is going to succeed," one of the specters said.

"That is true but we still can't stand back and do nothing. Gordon, Queen and the others are going to make sure Hade's plan succeed. We don't know how but for now we should spy on them. If their plan is starting to succeed, we will be there to stop it," Valentine said.

The rest of the specters nodded in agreement to Valentine's plan. They were going to make sure that they were going to win.
A Secret Fan Club chapter 3
Minos, Aiacos and Rhadamanthys just found out that Rhadamanthys have a fan club. In addition, the fans and judges just learn more shocking news about Rhadamanthys and Pandora. Chaos happen and now the club had split into two different sides fighting for what they believe in. Who would win and how will this end for Rhadamanthys, Pandora and for everyone? The characters are OOC and this has became complete crack, lol. I don't own Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas' characters. The picture is from here:…

Chapter 2:…
Chapter 4:
I got tagged by :iconkumama: again, kind of funny that she is the only one who tagged me, nobody want to tagged me, lol.

1) Write down every letter in your name (real name or username)
(I will be using my username instead.)
2) Write down a song that pops up into your head beginning with each letter. (I don't know songs that well, so I will just choose one of the songs I have in my iphone instead.)
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people. (Well, I ask :iconkumama: if I can tag less people than the number of letters in my username since I don't know that many people and she was ok with that.)


P: Pompeii by Bastille
U: Uninstall by Chiaki Ishikawa
R: Rolling Star by Yui
E: Everything is Awesome by Tegan and Sara
S: Sakura by Ikimono-gakari
T: Take a Walk by Passion Pit
R: Run on Love by Lucas Nord 
O: Overlap by Kimeru
N: New World by Toby Mac
G: Get Up by Faky
P: Path~to You All by Alüto
O: Oracion in Pokemon
E: Eloquent Echo: Fluffy Catch in NIGHTS Journey of Dreams
M: May It Be by Enya

Uhh, so I tagged :iconcouch-san: and :iconmiki-dia2199: since I need to at least tag someone.
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