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Thanatos: User Guide and Manual  

Thank you for purchasing our Thanatos unit. Please read the manual carefully.

Basic Information:

Name: Thanatos
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Manufacture: In Athens, Greece
IMPORTANT: Please be cautious around this unit!

Your Thanatos unit comes with:

- A Thanatos surplice
- A chess board
- 32 Chess pieces
- A robe
- A silver, beautifully crafted harp

How to activate your Thanatos unit:

You can wake up your unit by saying, "Welcome, master Thanatos." Another way to wake him up is to have a Hypnos unit asking him if he want to play chess or not.

About Thanatos:

Thanatos is the god of death, and Hypnos's twin brother. He had survived from the last Holy War and has manipulated Pandora into doing certain jobs such as keeping Alone in a cage until he would finish his job and fully awakened as Hades. Just like Hypnos, he has never did the dirty work himself and order others to do it for him. He plans battle strategies with his brother. In his leisure time, he would play chess with his brother or play his harp with Hypnos and sometimes with Pandora as well. He despises humans thinking that he is better than them. Therefore, it is best to be careful when you around him because unlike most of our units, he wouldn't hesitate to harm you if you anger him in any way. He was killed by Manigoldo and Sage when he underestimated them. So it is best that you don't buy a Manigoldo and/or Sage unit for whatever the reason is.


- Terrible Providence
- Tartaros Phobia
- Control over any dead soul
- Can open up the dimension, "Path of Gods"


Arrogant: Your unit is very arrogant. He always believe that he is better than every human and he hates when he is proven wrong or defeated. In fact, despite that you are his owner, he would still believe that he is better than you and will treat you like how he treat other people. So be prepared for that. It is also best to be prepare for any insults he would give you when you activate him and decide to have him for the rest of your life.

Cruel and merciless: Your unit is very cruel and merciless to everyone and you as the owner would be no exception. So be careful, he can be a bully at times.

Manipulative: Your unit can be very manipulative so it is best to be always on guard around him.

Quick-tempered and rash: Your unit can get angry very easily. When your unit gets angry, he would get rash. It is best to have a Hypnos unit there to calm him down when he is in his anger mode.


Your unit can clean himself.


Your unit is a picky eater. In fact, he would only eat exquisite food and finish every meal with the best wine.  

Compatible with:

Hypnos: He is your unit's twin brother. They get along very well and would play chess or music together very often. Since they are always together, they would make plans to win the Holy War. It is best to buy the Hypnos unit if you are planning to buy the Thanatos unit as well. The Hypnos unit will be good to help calm down the Thanatos unit if anything does happen.

Hades: Your unit is one of Hades' strategist, creating plans in order for Hades' army to win in the Holy War. He served Hades and always make sure there is a host for Hades. He didn't trust that Alone is Hades and ordered Pandora to watch over Hades and to make sure that Hades is doing his job. However, even if he doesn't trust the Hades' unit, he will still be on his best behaviour when around the Hades' unit.

Nasu Veronica: He is a specter who served Thanatos. He gave him a bit of his power once so he could get rid of Tenma and his friends but he failed. Your unit is still angry at the Veronica unit but won't show it. So if he ever see the Veronica's unit, he will be shouting after him, "You had one job!"


Other Specters: They served Hades and your unit as well. They are pawns to him in order to win the Holy War.

Pandora: Your unit know her well. In fact, he along with Hypnos chose her to be Hades' servant and general. He would threatened her to watch over Hades, making sure he is doing his job. She is just another pawn to his game. Therefore, don't be surprised to see the Pandora unit very scared around your unit.


Pope Sage: He is your unit's enemy. While the Hypnos unit was interested by Sage's and Hakurei's determined behaviours, your unit is annoyed and hated them. The Sage unit is just another really annoying insect unit to him. It is best if these two units don't see each other or else the Path of the gods dimension will be opened up and that will not be a pretty sight.

Cancer Manigoldo: He is your unit's enemy and despise him a lot. The Manigoldo unit had punched your unit in the face once and he was furious and humiliated. It is best if these two units don't meet unless you want to see a death battle between your unit and the Manigoldo unit.                                                

Sasha/Athena: She is your unit's enemy and your unit will try to defeat her if he sees her. In fact, he had fought with her last incarnation before.


Q: Can my unit teach me how to play chess?

A: Yes, your unit can teach you how to play chess. However, he is not a patient teacher so you better be a fast learner.

Q: I am Thanatos' owner and yet he treats me like a servant. I tried to explain to him and he got angry at me and try to kill me. Is there a way to have him understand that I am his owner and not the opposite?

A: Unfortunately, no. He is program to behave like that. If you don't like that, it is best to buy another unit. I would recommend the Sisyphus unit or another saints' unit instead.

Q: Can he played the harp for me if I ask him?

A: It depends on his mood and the way you ask him. If he is in a foul mood, he will not play for you. However, if he is in a good mood, he will play for you. If you really want him to play music for you, just praise his music a lot.

You can now enjoy your Thanatos unit as long as you follow the instructions. Your unit have a lifelong guarantee.
Thanatos: User Guide and Manual
Thank you for buying our saints, deities or specters units. Please read the manual to understand more about your unit. I don't own any Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas' characters. I do not own the picture but I found it here:… This was requested by anime411 from fanfiction.

Other manuals: Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas Manuals
Well, I never would have tagged anyone unless someone tagged me and told me to tag other people. But for the first time, I am going to tag people because I am curious to know what their personality is. So when I first saw the test by :iconsmeagolisme:, I did the test even though I was never tagged. I never share the results until much later when I got tagged by my friends on tumblr. The only reason now I am tagging people because curiosity won me over and I want to know what results people got. So this is my result:

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below (And I am just going to assume characters who I know). If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

Personality Type: INFP

Favorites are bolded.

1. Sky from Ascension

2. Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender

3. Osaka from Azumanga Daioh

4. Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond

5. Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory

6. Chad from Bleach

7. Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye

8. Barriss Offee from The Clone Wars

9. Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia

10. Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

11. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

12. Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon

13. Xion from Kingdom Hearts

14. Frodo from The Lord of the Rings

15. Lucas from Mother 3

16. Pain, Hinata Hyuuga, Shizune, Haku, Kabuto from Naruto

17. Ash’s Butterfree from Pokémon

18. N from Pokémon Black and White

19. Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

20. Shinigami from Soul Eater

21. Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

22. Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird

23. The eponymous main character of WALL•E

Yay, I am happy about Hinata and Frodo and that I am INFP, a healer.

So now I tagged: :iconaioros-sama:, both Azura, and Crimson from :iconcriazudre:, :iconkumama:, :iconkaymaro:, :iconautumnprincess94:, and :iconsmeagolisme: (just joking about the last one, I know you already did it.)

So just give the link to your journal or tell me what you got. The test is here: here. and the characters that are relate to you are here: here. Thanks. If you don't want to take the test, that is fine. Have fun!
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Hi, I am Purestrongpoem. I have many story ideas for Naruto, Lord of the Rings, Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas, Darren Shan Cirque du Freak and Hetalia. I hope I can use all of my ideas and write the stories. Unfortunately, I am a very slow writer. I am also terrible at writing. Please don't be too harsh on me or my stories. I also cosplay and draw. Here are some facts about me:

Age: 400 years old

Where I live: In Lalala Land.

Zodiac: Libra

I am Vietnamese.

I am also in:… and danceofthebloodypetals.tumblr.… (but I rarely post anything.)

The rest: Figure it out yourself or use your imagination. Hahaha.

Here are some random icons and stamps:

Hinata Stamp by retoxthefreak Naruto x Hinata Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi
Hobbit stamp by purgatori Samwise the Brave stamp by pistachioZombie Stamp Eowyn by Dulbella
Sasha Athena Stamp by AllenWalkerHinamori Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Gif Icon by VampireEliza SAGITTARIUS by HayatoPhantom VIRGO by HayatoPhantom PISCES by HayatoPhantom LEO by HayatoPhantom LIBRA by HayatoPhantom
canada stamp by Floryblue12

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