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Chapter 3

It was cool and dark in the temple. Footsteps can be heard echoing throughout the temple as a saint walked toward the room with the Virgo cloth. The saint looked around. He was impressed. Despite the fact that the Virgo saint no longer lived here, the maids had cleaned the temple as clean as possible. He kept walking until he saw the Virgo cloth and sat down.

"So it is true. You died when the war just started," the Gemini saint paused for a few seconds. "I was surprised to hear about your death. Thought you would be here longer than most of the saints here. I guess not."

Defteros stared at the cloth as if Asmita would appear from nowhere. However, he knew that wasn't going to happen. He sighed and continued to sit there for almost an hour, staring at the cloth, and lost in his thoughts. He liked the peace and quiet the temple provided. The volcano on Kanon Island provided him quiet as well but didn't provide the same feeling of peace he felt in Asmita's temple. Defteros would had stayed like that a little longer but he felt a cosmos. He would have ignored it, thinking it was just another saint passing by the Virgo temple. However, it took him a few seconds to realize there was something different about this cosmos. He frowned and concentrated. He recognized the cosmos; it was the Cancer's saint's cosmos. However, his cosmos felt different, like there was a hint of darkness in it. Any saint would have not recognized the darkness in the cosmos because it was so skilfully disguised. The only reason why he recognized it was because Asmita had taught him many skills before he left to Kanon Island and one of them was to see using the cosmos. Asmita was very skilled at that, after all he had been using the cosmos his whole life to see instead of his eyes. In fact, he was the best out of all the saints at mastering his cosmos and would be able to see things that most saints even the gold saints and pope won't be able to sense. Defteros was lucky to be the one taught by Asmita. He wasn't as good as Asmita but was the second best to him. He walked out of the temple to confront the Cancer saint.


The Cancer saint had been walking around the Sanctuary for hours. Where was the Pegasus saint? During his journey, he had turned a couple of saints to Nemesis' side. He ordered them to also find Tenma and reported back to him if they ever find him. He wondered if Kardia was having any luck finding the Pegasus saint. He walked down the stairs to pass by the Virgo temple.

"Cancer Manigoldo, where are you going," Defteros spoke out.

The Cancer saint nearly jumped back in surprise.

"Defteros?" he asked uncertainly.

Manigoldo had heard of the rumours before. The rumours were that Aspros had a twin brother and that he was killed by him. He heard that the twin had become the new Gemini saint replacing the old one.

"What are you doing here by the Virgo temple?"

Manigoldo regained his composure. "I was passing by the Virgo temple in order to get to my temple. I think I should be the one asking you that question. I heard you were training on Kanon Island.

"I was. I just came by the Sanctuary for a little visit." Defteros sneered. "Surprised to see me or afraid?"

Manigoldo scoffed, "Why would I be afraid? You think I would be afraid of the "Demon of the Kanon Island"."

Defteros looked surprised. He didn't expect the Cancer Saint to know that.

"I am not afraid of you especially to a person who was always in his brother's shadow."

Defteros scowled but didn't say anything.

"Well, I will be leaving now." Manigoldo took a few steps but stopped when he heard Defteros spoke.

"Oh, you are not leaving anywhere."

Manigoldo stood still for a few seconds, not moving. Then he started to run. Defteros chased after him and caught up to him.

"I said you are not leaving!"

Defteros punched the moving Cancer saint and he flew back hitting a tree. If Manigoldo was a specter, he would have defeated himalready with a Galaxian Explosion. In fact, if he was just any saint, he would have done the same and not care. However, Manigoldo was the pope's student and he was sure the pope won't be happy to hear he killed his favourite student.

Manigoldo yelped in pain and wiped off the blood that was dripping from his mouth. He stood up and summoned black flames from his hand. Defteros glared. That didn't look like the usual blue flames Manigoldo usually summoned. Manigoldo aimed his black flames at Defteros who dodged. Defteros gritted his teeth. This battle would have been a lot easier if he didn't care about killing Manigoldo.

Manigoldo took the opportunity when Defteros dodged his flames to run away. He wasn't a coward. He just knew that this was a battle he would lose. The past Manigoldo would have not care and stayed and fight but he now had a more important task at hand. He had to find the Pegasus saint.

Defteros leaped after him and casted an illusion of a maze. Manigoldo immediately stopped running and looked around. He didn't expect that. He turned around and saw Defteros right behind him. Defteros summoned an energy ball and shoot at Manigoldo. Manigoldo jumped back but his back met to a wall. The energy ball was shot a few feet near him. Manigoldo ran forward and threw black flames at Defteros who decided to throw another ball made from cosmos, but this time, denser than the last attack. Both attacks hit and cancelled each other with a huge explosion. Black flames surrounded Manigoldo as he readied his next attack.

"Flames of Oblivion!"

Black flames in the shape of a crab came out of his hand.

The attack hit the surprised Defteros and black flames engulfed him. He fell down to the ground with a thud. The maze around him disappeared. Manigoldo was panting and staring at Defteros' unmoving body. He then slowly walked slowly toward Defteros. He didn't expect an easy win. He heard rumours that the Gemini saint was powerful enough to even destroy galaxies. It seemed like the rumours only exaggerated the Gemini saint's strength. He was about to grabbed Defteros but he disappeared.

"What the?" Manigoldo jumped back in shock.

He felt the familiar cosmos of the Gemini saint behind him and turned around. He realized that the Gemini saint he just fought was also an illusion. He quickly tried to defend himself but Defteros was a lot quicker.

"Pyro Blast!"

A hot beam of lava and fire shot out from his curved hands and hit Manigoldo. He fell on the ground, unconscious.

"That took longer than I thought."

Defteros grabbed the saint and walked up the stairs to the Pope's chamber.


The pope gasped as he felt Defteros's cosmos. He thought Defteros was still on Kanon Island. Why was he at the Sanctuary? Was he fighting with someone and why? The worried pope was about to go and investigated but as soon as he was out of the door, he met Defteros with his unconscious student. His eyes widened in fear for his student but quickly regained his composure.

"Gemini Defteros, tell me what happen."

Defteros put the Cancer saint down and explained the fight and his suspicions.

"So you think he is not himself and that he is being control by an outside force?"

"Yes, by a powerful fact I think it might be a deity who has a play in this."

"A deity?"

"Nemesis," a new voice spoke.

The two turned around to meet a worry Athena. "It is just what I thought. She has awoken and made her move...starting on my saints."

"You mean?"

"Yes, I believe she wants to start a war in the Sanctuary. She wants my saints to turn against me. I just hope Manigoldo is the only saint now."

The pope nodded as Athena continued.

"Defteros, can you go find if there are others that were turned like him."

"Yes, Lady Athena." As much as he didn't want to go looking, he had no choice but to listen and obey what Athena told him to. He just hoped any other saints he would find are not as annoying as the Cancer saint but he highly doubt it.

"Thank you, Gemini Defteros.

The pope motioned one of the guards nearby to take Manigoldo and put him in the Cape Sounion prison until everything can be guard did as he was told and left with Manigoldo in his arms. Seeing that there was nothing more to say, Defteros bowed and left.

"Lady Athena, please leave the rest to me. Defteros will make sure there aren't any other saints that are turned."

"Alright...and I believe it is best not to tell anyone. If the entire sanctuary know, there will be panic and the culprits will hide themselves. Then it will be harder to find them," Athena said.

"I agree. Now, we have to rely on Defteros since he is the only one who can tell if a saint is turned or not."

"Pope Sage, maybe I can help him find..."

"No, it is too dangerous for you and it will be suspicious if you were to be walking around the Sanctuary even if you were guarded."

"That is true...alright. We have no choice but to leave the rest to Defteros."

Then Athena left. Sage sighed. Despite Defteros looking for any saints that were turned, he was still worried. The army had suffered a lot from Hades' attack and they were not ready for another attack from Nemesis especially when it is from within their army. The one suffering the most from these attacks was Athena. She was already saddened by the death of her saints and now even more troubled with the fact that her saints were turning against each other. He just hoped that the situation would be quickly solved before it could become more out of hand. He looked back at Cape Sounion prison.

"Let's do hope that he is the only one," he quietly muttered to himself.

He was about to walk back to his room until he heard footsteps behind him. He turned and saw Degel with an unconscious Kardia.

"Kardia too?" Pope Sage asked in surprise.

"Kardia too? Wait, you mean there were others acting not themselves?" Degel asked.

"Yes. But first, tell me what happen."

"Well..." Degel paused, thinking of how to tell the pope what happen to him. "I was just reading my book in my room until he barged into my temple and demanded a fight. Then he started talking about how Nemesis will rule the world in the middle of the fight. Overall, he was not himself at all."

"Did Kardia fight anyone else?"

Degel shrugged. "I do not know."

The Pope nodded thoughtfully. "Thank you for bring this to my attention. Since you want to know why Kardia is acting strangely, I will tell you. But first..."

Pope Sage motioned one of his guards and told him to put him in the cell beside Manigoldo. They left the guard to do his job as Degel followed the pope inside. Pope Sage told him everything including what they were doing to solve the problem.

"So we are now relying on Defteros."

"Yes, for now until we know more."

"I see. I will go back to the temple and see if I can find out more about Nemesis."

"Please do. We need all the help we can get and remember not to tell anyone of this."

"Of course."

Degel walked away leaving the pope to walk to his library hoping to also find answers.


Kardia opened his eyes and looked around. It seemed like he was in Cape Sounion prison. He sat up while holding his head in pain. Did Degel had to hit him that hard?

"So you were captured too. There goes our plan!"

Kardia looked across the prison bars and saw a frowning Manigoldo also locked two prisons away from him.

"Why are you so upset?"

"Did you have to ask that? With both of us in here, there is nobody out there that can help Nemesis's plan well except for some measly saints I turned. They can be easily be captured and the whole plan fall apart."

"Or will it?"

Manigoldo stared at him suspiciously. "What do you mean?"

Kardia merely leaned back and smiled. "It is true that the other saints will be caught but they won't suspect the one saint they thought for sure wasn't turn."

Manigoldo frowned for a bit, trying to understand what he said. Then his eyes widened in understanding.

"You mean..."

Kardia nodded, smiling.

Manigoldo chuckled to himself. "Well, things will be interesting."


Degel turned to look back at the Sanctuary as he smiled. He then turn back to the fallen saint who stood up.

"You know what to do. Just remembered to avoid the Gemini saint."

The saint nodded and left as Degel continued his search for the Pegasus saint.
Nemesis' Revenge chapter 3

It is the Holy War and Athena and her saints are battling Hades and his army. However, a new enemy appeared seeking revenge Now, the saints must battle both Hades, Nemesis and even their own comrades? I don't own Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas' characters and I don't own this picture.

Some explanation:

I know these abilities, using illusion and summoning an energy ball are not in the Lost Canvas manga, but they are in the Saint Seiya manga and I am sure Defteros can perform these techniques since he is also a Gemini saint

I also include some new attacks for Defteros like Pyro Blast that is not in the manga cause he needs more attacks that are not too powerful. (plus we are not near a volcano) We don't want Manigoldo to be dead

If you are confused to why Degel didn't decide to attack the pope back then, well, he want to get more information, form a plan and strike later.

Chapter 2:…

I got tagged by :iconkumama: again, kind of funny that she is the only one who tagged me, nobody want to tagged me, lol.

1) Write down every letter in your name (real name or username)
(I will be using my username instead.)
2) Write down a song that pops up into your head beginning with each letter. (I don't know songs that well, so I will just choose one of the songs I have in my iphone instead.)
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people. (Well, I ask :iconkumama: if I can tag less people than the number of letters in my username since I don't know that many people and she was ok with that.)


P: Pompeii by Bastille
U: Uninstall by Chiaki Ishikawa
R: Rolling Star by Yui
E: Everything is Awesome by Tegan and Sara
S: Sakura by Ikimono-gakari
T: Take a Walk by Passion Pit
R: Run on Love by Lucas Nord 
O: Overlap by Kimeru
N: New World by Toby Mac
G: Get Up by Faky
P: Path~to You All by Alüto
O: Oracion in Pokemon
E: Eloquent Echo: Fluffy Catch in NIGHTS Journey of Dreams
M: May It Be by Enya

Uhh, so I tagged :iconcouch-san: and :iconmiki-dia2199: since I need to at least tag someone.
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